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Local Power's members are both privately and publicly owned energy companies, who produce, sell and distribute electricity and district heating. Our members utilize all forms of energy production, with a share of renewables over 70%. Local Power has currently 54 member companies. 

Local Power advocates for the interests of its members at national, Nordic and European level. We work together with Finnish Energy, Lokalkraft Sverige as well as other stakeholders and organizations in the energy field.

Key messages

Local energy companies are reliable power providers that offer their customers outstanding service based on their local knowledge. It is essential to consider the effects of political and administrative decision-making on local energy companies and their business. 

A well-functioning power market encourages companies to make investments that ensure the security of supply in Finland. Market model should not favour big actors at the expense of small companies. Sufficient level of competition needs to be guaranteed and customers' possibility to contact their distribution system operator should be maintained. Use of indigenous fuels, such as woodchips and by-products of bioeconomy, reduces emissions, increases security of energy supply, creates jobs and decreases oil dependency. 

When developing European energy markets, national and local circumstances must be taken into consideration. This applies especially to retail power markets. Overly detailed regulation needs to be avoided. 

Nearly 80 percent of electricity generation in Finland is carbon neutral. Climate actions should focus on transport sector, where significant emission cuts are needed in the coming years. Local Power's member companies are involved in developing the infrastructure for electrified transport.